Cambodian philanthropist Geraldine Cox sues for defamation after Facebook comment.

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Cambodian philanthropist Geraldine Cox sues for defamation after Facebook comment.

Postby Loy9 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:20 am

The message was only 27 words long and visible online to a small audience for 38 minutes, but orphanage patron Geraldine Cox is suing Canberra law student Juanita Zankin for the harm she alleges the post caused to her reputation in Australia and abroad.

The case against Ms Zankin - filed in the ACT Magistrates Court - stems from an exchange on Facebook in February.

The lawsuit claims the post was defamatory and meant to cause harm to the operation of Cambodia Sunrise - the charity Ms Cox founded in 1997- in causing the former diplomat to be despised, to prevent Australians from making donations, and inferring that the orphanage operator conducts the charity shamefully.

Ms Zankin said other concerns raised on her visit included, that Ms Cox had "disclosed masturbating a disabled child to 'get her to sleep'", that 75 per cent of children in care in Cambodia had parents, that tourists are encouraged to visit orphanages which put children at risk of physical and psychological harm, and that Sunrise Cambodia had "advertised in such a way that degraded children" in contravention of codes issues by the Australia regulator.



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